Rabies in American Bulldogs

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What is Rabies?

In definition, rabies is a zoonotic disease caused by viruses. With zoonotic, we mean diseases that can be passed on among humans and animals. The primary form of transmission is through the saliva, and the virus basically attacks the nervous system. A lot of animals, once infected by rabies, become rabid carriers of the dangerous disease, but the most popular rabies is dog rabies. This is mainly because people have the most exposure to dogs, and thus, to dog rabies. Dog rabies, naturally, are obtained by humans through dog bites. One of the top reasons why dog bites are considered quite frightening is the level of danger that a person who gets infected by rabies faces. Quite frankly, rabies can kill. It takes a rabies infection just a short time, sometimes even just a week, to lead to a coma state, or worse, death. Thus, even though treatment options are available, it is still the best move to take precautions that will keep rabies infections at bay.  

What are the Symptoms of Rabies?

Rabies infections are actually not diseases that dogs pass on to humans. Dogs themselves are affected by rabies in grave ways. Rabies infections in dogs are hard to identify. Most of the symptoms related to rabies infection can also be signs of other diseases related to other parts of their bodies. This is because rabies has the ability to affect different parts of the body, such as the gastrointestinal tract, and the respiratory system. The symptoms of rabies infection are also severe on their own. These symptoms occur in three different rabies infection stages. The prodomal stage is characterized by slowness of reflexes and some changes in behavior. The furious stage is the most active stage of all the rabies infection stages. During this stage, several symptoms can be detected such as aggression, incessant barking, and unfounded attacks. The final rabies infection stage, however, is the worst, which involves paralysis, either partial or complete.

How to Treat Rabies Infection

When dogs get infected by rabies and the symptoms above start to show, there are no forms of treatment that can still save the animal. This is why anti-rabie vaccines are crucial for dogs, most especially since people allow them to be inside their households. Rabies infection in people can, however, still be treated, but still very dangerous. If you get bitten by a dog, the first thing you must find out is whether the dog has been injected with an anti-rabies agent or not. If not, immediately wash the bitten area with soap and running water, and finish it off with an alcohol. Rush to the nearest medical center to get an anti-rabies vaccine. Most likely, you will be kept quarantined for a number of days. Also, remember that the animal in question should be found and captured for testing, especially if the animal is a wild animal. Wounds caused by dog bites that are infected with rabies are not closed immediately. This can worsen the problem greatly. In addition to that, rabies infection can also cause other kinds of infections in the affected person. The doctors will probably administer antimicrobial treatments to prevent other infections from occurring.  

How to Control Rabies

To prevent rabies infection, there are now vaccines available to control rabies in pets to make them a safe companion at home. These vaccines should only be administered once every three years. In several locations, anti-rabies vaccinations are mandated for every house pet.

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Rabies in American Bulldogs

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This article was published on 2010/10/09